This listing of the latest smartphone features will shock you

This listing of the latest smartphone features will shock you

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If you’re in the market for a brand-new mobile, you might want to be aware of a few of the coolest features on the newest mobile phones.

A feature that has just been launched in recent years, but I’m sure people today wouldn’t be able to live without, is the fast charge function that some smartphones have. This started off as quite a niche element on a specific type of smartphone, but has quickly become common amongst all assorted smartphone brands. Out of all the assorted features of mobile phones to look out for, it’s possible that this might be among the most useful. Gone are the times of worrying about battery life and having ample time to recharge your phone whilst at home, as you’ll be able to hit full battery in a portion of the past times. As a result of this, less people are currently charging their mobile phones overnight, which can occasionally be harmful to battery life in the long term. In a similar vein to this, wireless charging has become very renowned as of late, you can just put your phone down on a charging pad and it will charge the battery without having to plug it in! These breakthroughs in tech will be of high interest to the founder of the firm with shares in AT&T for sure.

Something that is commonly used across most smartphones nowadays, is biometrics as a security function. Passwords are becoming less used by mobile owners, due to the ease and additional protection of using biometrics. These can be utilised to both open your phone and also log into certain secure applications, such as your online banking. There are actually different varieties of biometrics, but two of the most used features of a smartphone is the fingerprint and facial recognition. They're excellent for users because they’re so much quicker and easier than putting in a code every time you want to access your phone. This is also a huge leap forward in security, as it’s of course possible for someone to guess your code, but much more difficult to replicate biometrics! The optimisation of these security features on most phones is something the head of the company that has shares in Apple will be keen to work towards in the coming years.

One thing that was a struggle with older smartphones, was them quickly running out of storage space and users having to delete applications or pictures. Nowadays, one of the best uses of smartphones that are new on the market is the increased storage capacity. This can obviously differ from phone to smartphone, but generally they have a lot more leeway for users! This is a element that the head of the investment firm with a stake in Verizon will most likely be pleased to see moving forward.

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